Don’t Be Selfish

You are burning from the inside and turning to ash leaving dust in your demise.

Keep your distance, don’t contaminate me, allow me to stand tall and untouched by your burning embers.

Let me live more than one life.

Cherish the Good Parts

Strongly determined to hang on despite your poisonous kiss.

Although injected with your murderous passion there is still some good in me to be useful instead of devious or hurtful.

Cut away what has rotted our core, so we can still nourish and cultivate with the goodness that remains.

Rise above what is dead inside

Duplicitous Appearances

Another disappearance of the sun to remove the stale deception of the mendacity of this day.

The daily show of entertainment to keep those who surround me content within the bubble of decaying falsehoods..

Tears spring forth to wash out the fatigue and refresh my soul.

As the dawn awakens the day I must decide to be true or put the showpiece back on to tread lightly upon another day careful not to offend anyone’s delicate sensibilities with my reality.

Is today the day to bring out the truth?

Moonlight Fill My Soul

My exhausted vessel can not continue on its journey

A drowsy murmur tries in vain to awaken my depleted soul

A walk along the riverbank with the snow moon guiding my steps fill me with renewed wonder

Energizing my steps to forge another day



dVerse Challenge Write a Quadrille poem 44 words using the word FILL. The title does not count.

Silence Is Not An Option

Face the repugnant sinister minds of harmful iniquity; don’t sweep it away.

Don’t allow such monstrous viciousness to further damage our surroundings.

“The Rock cries out to us today, You may stand upon me, But do not hide your face.”

Speak, yell, interrupt and revolt, but don’t give way to this blemish that will tarnish the soul of the universe.

The return to that which once existed will be unavailable; if all don’t stand upon the rock and use its fortitude to endure the impending chaos.

Use its unreasoning strength to break the incoming wave of annilation; not just for the rich or poor, thin or thick, healthy or sick, but for all breathing beings.

Silence is as detrimental and strong as the water that takes eons to mold any rock.

Children of the universe be upright secure impenetrable rocks, rail against all wrongs.

 A dVerse Challenge to write a 144 prose using the line from the 1993 Clinton inauguration poem from Maya Angelo.

 The Rock cries out to us today, You may stand upon me, But do not hide your face.

Maya Angelou, “On the Pulse of Morning” (excerpt) from On the Pulse of Morning. Copyright © 1993 by Maya Angelou. Used by permission of Random House, an imprint and division of Penguin Random House LLC. All rights reserved.
Source: The Complete Collected Poems of Maya Angelou (Random House Inc., 1994)

Calm Waters / Aguas Calmante

Short 8 second video and picture taken at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden Sunday, April 28, 2019.

First click on the link to hear some gentle water. Breathe… Exhale… Breathe in deeper… Exhale all the injuries; let the water take it away…Breathe in and allow fresh thoughts to guide your step. or

Smooth flat or round jagged stones making me take stock of my heavy tired footsteps.

Peace of mind is sought as I walk over each stone along the shoreline.

Continuous running calm waters call me deeper into mother earth’s pool.

I tread in closer pacifying my agitated gait; breathe as the cool waters rise inch by inch on my body dousing the hurt and anger.

Allowing the gentle current to wash away the exhaustion and negative film off my being.

Clear liquid that is as black as night when the sun goes down hushes the constant chatter that says nothing, but attempts to crush my thoughts.

Submerge my body and spirit in tranquil waters to hear the roar of silence to center and quiet my presence.

Serenity is needed to flush out the naysayers from my mind.

Listen to the moving waters and breathe a soothing sigh.

Fresh water drench and fill my strides with new life after I emerge from this nightfall’s plunge.

Calm waters ignite my inner fire and refresh my essence to rebirth me another day.

dVerse Challenge to write a poem about water.

Primero haga clic en la conexión para escuchar un poco de agua mansa. Respira … Exhala … Inhala más profundo … Exhala todas las lesiones; Deje que el agua se lo lleve … Inhale y permita que pensamientos frescos guíen sus pasos. or

Piedras apuntadas, lisas, planas o redondas, que me hacen enmendar mis pasos pesados y cansados.

Se busca tranquilidad mientras camino sobre cada piedra a lo largo de la costa.

La corriente de las aguas tranquilas me llaman más profundo en la represa de la madre tierra.

Pisé más cerca pacificando mi marcha agitada; respiré mientras las aguas frías se elevan pulgada a pulgada en mi cuerpo, apagando el dolor y la ira.

Permitir que la corriente suave elimine el agotamiento y la capa negativa de mi ser.

Un líquido claro que es tan negro como la noche cuando cae el sol silencia la charla constante que no dice nada, pero intenta aplastar mis pensamientos.

Sumergir mi cuerpo y espíritu en aguas tranquilas para escuchar el rugido del silencio para centrar y aquietar mi presencia.

Se necesita serenidad para eliminar a los maldicientes de mi mente.

Escucha las aguas en movimiento y respira un suspiro calmante.

El agua dulce empapa y llena mis pasos con una nueva vida después de salir del hundimiento de esta noche.

Las aguas tranquilas encienden mi fuego interior y refrescan mi esencia para renacerme otro día.

El desafio de escribir un poema sobre el Agua de dverse.

Into the Corner / En un Rincón

Into the corner of the kitchen counter you hugged me to say thank you.

Into the corner booth of that diner we sat listening and encouraging each other.

Into the corner of the park bench you held me in explorational need and want.

Into the corner of the railing at the end of the pier you held me to say goodbye.

Into the corner with you I was surrounded by joy and love.

Into the corner of my mind I awaited your inspirational touch, words and/or silence.

Into the corner with you I felt appreciated and cherished.

Into the corner of my heart I await the warm embrace of your presence to ignite the embers of my being.

Into the corner will always be an endless possibility of ways to welcome you within my arms.

Into the corner will always be a special place to be free to love.

Into the corner will remind my body, mind and soul to seek out calming peace, sweet honey, and intense desire.

Into the corner will never be a place for fear or hesitation just a place filled with the power of quiet raging storms and the beauty of unexpected vibrant rainbows filling both my body and soul to move forth.

I’ve been in a corner not being able to write, so I used it to get out of said corner.

Note: Verbatim translations do not work.

En un Rincón

En un rincón del mostrador de la cocina, me abrazaste para darme las gracias.

En un rincón de la cabina de ese restaurante nos sentamos escuchando y animándonos mutuamente.

En un rincón del parque en un banco, me abrazaste con la exploración de necesidad y deseo.

En un rincón de la barandilla al final del muelle, me tomaste en tus brazos para despedirte de mí,

En un rincón contigo estaba rodeada de alegría y amor.

En un rincón de mi mente esperé tu conmovedor roce, palabras y / o silencio.

En un rincón contigo me sentí apreciada y amada.

En un rincón de mi corazón, espero el cálido abrazo de tu presencia para encender las brasas de mi ser.

En un rincón siempre habrá una posibilidad infinita de maneras para recibirte en mis brazos.

En un rincón siempre habrá un lugar especial para amar libremente.

En un rincón le recordará a mi cuerpo, mi mente y mi alma que busque la calmante paz, dulce miel y un intenso deseo.

En un rincón nunca habrá un lugar para el miedo o incertidumbre, solo un lugar lleno del poder de las impetuosas tormentas silenciosas y la belleza de los vibrante inesperados arcoíris que llenan mi cuerpo y mi alma para avanzar.

He estado en un rincón al no poder escribir, así que lo usé para salir de dicho rincón.

Nota: Las traducciones literales no funcionan.

Reset – dVerse poem



My exhaustion poured out of the decorated cup

laid me bare for all to see the real me.


No covers, no mask, just the purity of me.

Straight from the cup-

strong despite the tiredness in my soul-

honest despite the dark toxicity of the world around me.


Poured forth on the greens of the earth to rejuvenate me

breathing the freshness of my youth through the greens of the land;

a flower blooms above my ear as proof of the process of rebirth.


Let me lie still to repair all aches and awaken refreshed

to start again on another day.

Give me solace on the break of dawn

to rise again renewed yet revolutionized to face all that comes my way.


Image by artist Catrin Welz-Stein, featured at 


Rehacer – poema dVerse

Mi cansancio se derramó de la taza decorada.

Dejándome al descubierto para que todos vieran mi verdadero ser.


Sin ocultarme, sin antifaz, solo mí pureza.

Directamente de la taza

Firme a pesar del cansancio en mi alma.

Honesta a pesar de la oscuridad toxica del mundo en mí alrededor.


Desparramada sobre el pasto de la tierra para rejuvenecerme.

respirando la frescura de mi juventud a través del pasto de la tierra;

una flor florece sobre mi oreja como prueba del proceso de renacimiento.


Déjenme quedarme quieta para reparar todos los dolores y despertar refrescada.

para empezar de nuevo en otro día.

Dame consuelo en el amanecer

para renacer nuevamente, pero con rebeldía para enfrentar todo lo que se me presente.


Escribir un poema basado en la imagen presentada arriba.

Imagen de la artista Catrin Welz-Stein, presentada en

Leap – A Quadrille Poem 1/1/2018

Oh that intoxicating feeling whenever I leap into your sphere. 9

Will you cherish, value or discard me as I descend within your realm? 13

Taking that leap of faith off the ledge is getting more difficult with each passing moment,  15

that I don’t know where we stand. 7


# at the end of each line is just to count the words. Sorry, if I caused confusion. Also I’m not counting the word leap.

dVerse,  first Quadrille word  for 2018 is LEAP.  The rules in Quadrille is simple:  write a poem, or short story in 44 words (excluding the title) with the word, LEAP.