Forget 9/11?

I can’t believe the insensitivity of some people telling folks move on and to forget 9/11.
How do we forget a day where they tried to cut off our legs? How do we forget the countless phone calls we tried to make to ensure our loved ones were ok?
I for one can’t forget the 28 calls that came into my job letting us know that those Inwood “kids” where missing or how by 4pm the burnt smell had reached northern Manhattan or how it took almost 36 hours to hear from my NYPD cousins.
So no I’m not milking these memories, but I’m sure as hell is hot never going to forget.
R. I. P. to those who lost there lives then and to those who were affected after by either sacrificing their life or cleaning to lift up the cities.
May God bless you all and remember to hug and love your family n friends.
Tomorrow is never promised all we have is today.

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