I warned you from the beginning when I say I am done or walk away without a word. There is nothing you can say to keep me by your side. 

So be strong, accept it and walk away. I’m done.

No matter the pretty words you try to whisper in my ear I no longer care and am ready to close the door on this old chapter in my life.

So be strong, accept it and walk away. I’m done.

No matter the gifts you can place at my feet I no longer want you and I am ready for a blank page that’ll give me pause before I begin a new chapter to bring joy to my life. 

So be strong, accept it and walk away. I’m done.

No matter the size or expense of those glorious bright flowers keep them at the ready to try and fool the next person in your lineup. I didn’t need or want things, just honesty. 

So be strong, accept it and walk away. I’m done.

No your caresses will not keep me locked in to you. Nor will your poetic words, keep those lies in your arsenal for the next fool in your life.

So be strong, accept it and walk away. I’m done.

For a needy fool I am not. What I am is smart, warm, beautiful, gifted, kind, willing to go the distance and stand by the side of an honest love. 

So be strong, accept it and walk away. I’m done.

You lost the privilege of all that is me when you decided to hide the truth. You lost the beauty of honest conversation, of companionship, of sweet whispers in your ear, of promises of a never ending love, of caresses by sun, moon, or candle light. 

So be strong, accept it and walk away. I’m done. 

No I won’t remark on how you changed, answer your calls, reply to your letter, acknowledge your presence, respond when you call my name, explain my cold and distant behavior, or question why you did it. 

So be strong, accept it and walk away. You are done. 

March 27, 2015 @ 2-4am

Embraced by your Natural Sweetness

Love the feel of your chocolate naked chest on my back and the joy of your sugarcaned cock nestled in my ass seeking warmth and shelter from the coolness of the room.

Your sweet breath steadily blowing over my ear as you get ready to enter a blissful slumber as my eyes begin to fall close as I take stock of your sweetness.

Your Hershey’s chocolate lips place nips and kisses across my shoulder up my neck stopping at my ear. A shiver runs through me, but it has nothing to do with the chilled air.

Your caramel darkened naked body’s beauty can’t be captured by my hands, but I can feel it ignite little fires among the rise and fall of my body at each point of contact. All my hands can do is caress your handsomeness with admiration.

Your brown sugar arms holding me close to you, protecting me from the chill in the air with the warmth of your body. Holding me in a promise of love, desire and need.

Your cocoa hands taking the weight of my breast, squeezing the air from my lungs with indulgent satisfaction. Leaving me in a dizzying, but exquisite excited distress.

Your suave chocolate fingers caressing, tugging and rolling my dusky nipple as I sigh a sigh of contentment.

Your powerful cinnamon trunk thighs stretch behind mine only to curl up closer to me. A true spooning as no air can penetrate to find where you or I begin or end.

Your skin on my skin makes my warm blood rise closer to the surface and it dissipates any coldness lingering near.

The joy of being naked with you is liberating. No pretense or hiding behind some fake garment that’ll highlight “the best” part of me.

Comfortable in my own skin is the best part of me. All of me is mine to enjoy with all of you. Your sweetness enriches me inside and out.

Your sweet spicy scent opens me further.
Being in your arms heightens my desire for your richness.
You are my dessert after every conversation.

To end or begin a day with our mindful bodies connecting is the atmost glorification.
Embraced within your natural sweetness is the taste of life that I don’t want to be without for too long.

Keep me wrapped with your chocolate, sugar caned, Hershey’s kiss, brown sugar, cocoa, cinnamon concoction for all that sweetness keeps me by your side.

What Is My Passion

What is my passion?
When did I lose it?
Makes me wonder did I ever have it?

What is my passion?
There has to be something I love above all else.
Something that I am good at and enjoy.
What makes me smile? The smile on a child’s face or that of my family.

What is my passion?
Walking and exploring my surroundings.
Spending time with friends. Laughing and having a good time.
Enjoy seeing the sunset or a good rain storm.
Reading a good story that I can get lost in.
Viewing a show that’ll have my stomach in knots from the rise and fall of emotions. Sitting by still or moving water.

What is my passsion?
Being around simple people that don’t believe that they are above myself or others.
Learning new languages, new forms of art, new places.
Taking scenic long drives.
Loving someone and being loved in return.

What is my passion?
Teaching n guiding kids through today’s world.
Organized kaos. Finishing school.
Listening and dancing to good music.
Being held, cuddled, and soothed.

What makes one get out of bed other than obligations?
I want something wonderful, joyous and filling to get me going.

What is my passion?

August 21, 2011

Soothing Comfort or Not

Resting my head on your chest to hear the most beautiful sound in the world.
It reassures me not only that you are alive, but that you love me.
Your heart beat tells me you’ll protect me.

No words are needed between us as long as the beat of our hearts
talk to one another.
Upon simply gazing at you my heart begins to gallop at a brisk pace.
My heart knows yours as yours knows mine.

Why must you force us to pretend all is well and that there is nothing between us.
Dynamite has nothing on us in a room.
My skin awakens when you step into the room.
Each time you enter I hover on the edge of a proverbial cliff and each time you leave I am left feeling bereft, unwanted and alone.

I can’t take this much longer, it isn’t healthy for either of us.
Why do you continue to make us suffer?
I know people have chosen to die for their faith, country, family,
but to die each time you ignore me or everytime you talk at me without sparing a glance my way.
And what is worse is that you now you choose to lie to me.
Lying to yourself I could handle,
but lying to me is the last act of cowardice that I can not accept.

You once told me thank you for making you feel like a man, well a man you are not. And you certainly do not make me feel like a wanted and needed woman.
What is the point of your venomus greeting when you may not mean it.

Keep the pleasantries to yourself for they are not as soothing a comfort as your heart.

July 1, 2011

Let Me Be

Must one be a blubbering mess to be depressed.
or is it the lack of motivation
or the self sabataging moments that prove it.

Is it really as simple as saying I want to be happy and that does it.
Do drugs make u happy?
Why is it assumed that losing weight will make u happy?

When will people let me be about my size?

My size is only about the physical space I occupy.
It doesn’t dictate the type of person I am or want to be.
Tired I may be, but depressed I am not.

People need to stop pushing their feelings or agendas on to my shoulders.
I will not take on others moronic tendancies or needy emotions.

Life has dealt me a challenging hand, but I get up everyday and handle my half empty or half full glass with pure determination, self preservation and a smile.

Now that is how I deal with the bumps on the road.

How about you do you and I do me, so for peace sake let me be

July 1, 2011

I Will Lift You Up

I see you worry, but you have no cause to be
I see you struggle with who you want to be
I am here to tell you that I will lift you up no matter what

I see you worry about my loving you
I see you struggle with what others want of you
I am here to tell you that I will lift you up no matter what

I see you worry about my complexion
I see you struggle with your heart’s choice
I am here to tell you that I will lift you up no matter what

I see you worry about others thinking less of you
I see you struggle with your ideals
I am here to tell you that I will lift you up no matter what

I see you worry about insulting anyone
I see you struggle with everyday mendacity
I am here to tell you that I will lift you up no matter what

I see you worry about believing me
I see you struggle to accept me as I am and to keep me by your side
I am here to tell you that I will lift you up no matter what

I see you worry about being accepted
I see you struggle to send those hypocrites to hell
I am here to tell you that I will lift you up no matter what

For you see it doesn’t matter where I come from, how I speak, walk, or talk
It doesn’t matter if I am thin, thick, or extra plump
It doesn’t matter if I am black, white, or if you are freaky purple, or green
It doesn’t matter what my culture is or my education
It doesn’t matter what others think, whisper or shout

For you see all that matters is that I will love you regardless of our colorful cultures
All that matters is that I won’t bow before those hypocrites
All that matters is that I will stand beside you and support you
All that matters is that I won’t let others meddle in our affairs
All that matters is that I will touch you and love you as you touch and love me

For you see I am here to tell you that I will lift you up no matter what and that you can believe

I am here to tell you that I will lift you up no matter what

6/11/06 6/25/06

Needed Strength

I don’t want strength, I need it.

Weaknesses be gone. I don’t care for your indecision,
for I have my own to worry about.

I refuse to be the evil sorceress who leads you under her spell.
I want your strength to pour over me like smooth warm chocolate
to envelope my very being and to give me a strong n solid support.

I need to feel it in the depths of my soul.
I need it to strengthen me from within.

I can’t have your weakness drag me down a road of no return.
Your strength makes me aware of the joy around me.
I smile with an assurance that your strength will bring me to find my own strength.

Guide me with your own strong malleable hand and mold me to you.
For I swear that I will respond in kind to all you do.
I will give you ten-fold what you give to me.

It is not wanted.
It is needed.


June 30, 2011