My Pool of Tears

My pool of tears

How is it that you don't see them 
Or am I that good of an actress

My shoes make that squeaky noise from the saturation of you my dear.

Could all the seas be a combination of several beings just crying til they were dried out and all that was left was a dried out trunk on the shores of life?

I wonder where does this much moisture comes from.

How does it flow perfectly down a single track down my façade?

By now an indented well traveled road should appear down my face.

My smile hides the pain that so dwells in my heart, down deep in my soul, within the confines of my marrow is an ache, so strong that it should be as visible as the rings on Saturnor as blinding as the sun.

Can't stand this indifference that has enveloped my existence.

No being desires to admire another from afar. It leaves them with the emptiest of feelings deep within.

No being should be subjected to the dripping pain of those embedded tears. 

How do you open the door to love and then walk away from it?

How do you grant someone the highest of ecstasy and then leave them like the cold ashen trees of winter with no life?

No more will my tears leave pools behind to nourish your fishy scales.

For as easy as you walked away, so will I rise and sail away from this barren and desolate land.

Rise as high as the sun in the sky or farther yet into the next galaxy to find a love that won't be afraid to hold me, love me, or to rise like the Phoenix out of the ashes up into new life wrapped together in heated love.

No longer will my pool of tears exist.

Feb. 7, 2015 @ 3am

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