Hunger for love, hunger for companionship,
hunger for friends and a family,
hunger for money and career,
hunger to provide for those around me.

Hunger for an education, hunger for excitment.
Hunger for a caress, a light masterful touch,
so many hungers that I don’t know which way to turn
or which one to answer to first.

My hunger is the craving of the yearning of my desires.
Sadly many of them revolve around you.
Ice, ice, ice, I try to make my hunger cool down.

Glaciers is what I should be surrounded by when you are around,
maybe then this hunger will lie frozen still.

All my basic hungers die down
to allow the burning roar of you to come through
and singe me at every turn.
Hunger, desire, craving are just looking to be fulfilled.

What hunger are you going to fulfill?

August 21, 2011

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