Let Me Be

Must one be a blubbering mess to be depressed.
or is it the lack of motivation
or the self sabataging moments that prove it.

Is it really as simple as saying I want to be happy and that does it.
Do drugs make u happy?
Why is it assumed that losing weight will make u happy?

When will people let me be about my size?

My size is only about the physical space I occupy.
It doesn’t dictate the type of person I am or want to be.
Tired I may be, but depressed I am not.

People need to stop pushing their feelings or agendas on to my shoulders.
I will not take on others moronic tendancies or needy emotions.

Life has dealt me a challenging hand, but I get up everyday and handle my half empty or half full glass with pure determination, self preservation and a smile.

Now that is how I deal with the bumps on the road.

How about you do you and I do me, so for peace sake let me be

July 1, 2011

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