Soothing Comfort or Not

Resting my head on your chest to hear the most beautiful sound in the world.
It reassures me not only that you are alive, but that you love me.
Your heart beat tells me you’ll protect me.

No words are needed between us as long as the beat of our hearts
talk to one another.
Upon simply gazing at you my heart begins to gallop at a brisk pace.
My heart knows yours as yours knows mine.

Why must you force us to pretend all is well and that there is nothing between us.
Dynamite has nothing on us in a room.
My skin awakens when you step into the room.
Each time you enter I hover on the edge of a proverbial cliff and each time you leave I am left feeling bereft, unwanted and alone.

I can’t take this much longer, it isn’t healthy for either of us.
Why do you continue to make us suffer?
I know people have chosen to die for their faith, country, family,
but to die each time you ignore me or everytime you talk at me without sparing a glance my way.
And what is worse is that you now you choose to lie to me.
Lying to yourself I could handle,
but lying to me is the last act of cowardice that I can not accept.

You once told me thank you for making you feel like a man, well a man you are not. And you certainly do not make me feel like a wanted and needed woman.
What is the point of your venomus greeting when you may not mean it.

Keep the pleasantries to yourself for they are not as soothing a comfort as your heart.

July 1, 2011

One thought on “Soothing Comfort or Not

  1. Raivenne says:

    From heartbeat to heartache, damn.

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