What Is My Passion

What is my passion?
When did I lose it?
Makes me wonder did I ever have it?

What is my passion?
There has to be something I love above all else.
Something that I am good at and enjoy.
What makes me smile? The smile on a child’s face or that of my family.

What is my passion?
Walking and exploring my surroundings.
Spending time with friends. Laughing and having a good time.
Enjoy seeing the sunset or a good rain storm.
Reading a good story that I can get lost in.
Viewing a show that’ll have my stomach in knots from the rise and fall of emotions. Sitting by still or moving water.

What is my passsion?
Being around simple people that don’t believe that they are above myself or others.
Learning new languages, new forms of art, new places.
Taking scenic long drives.
Loving someone and being loved in return.

What is my passion?
Teaching n guiding kids through today’s world.
Organized kaos. Finishing school.
Listening and dancing to good music.
Being held, cuddled, and soothed.

What makes one get out of bed other than obligations?
I want something wonderful, joyous and filling to get me going.

What is my passion?

August 21, 2011

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