Embraced by your Natural Sweetness

Love the feel of your chocolate naked chest on my back and the joy of your sugarcaned cock nestled in my ass seeking warmth and shelter from the coolness of the room.

Your sweet breath steadily blowing over my ear as you get ready to enter a blissful slumber as my eyes begin to fall close as I take stock of your sweetness.

Your Hershey’s chocolate lips place nips and kisses across my shoulder up my neck stopping at my ear. A shiver runs through me, but it has nothing to do with the chilled air.

Your caramel darkened naked body’s beauty can’t be captured by my hands, but I can feel it ignite little fires among the rise and fall of my body at each point of contact. All my hands can do is caress your handsomeness with admiration.

Your brown sugar arms holding me close to you, protecting me from the chill in the air with the warmth of your body. Holding me in a promise of love, desire and need.

Your cocoa hands taking the weight of my breast, squeezing the air from my lungs with indulgent satisfaction. Leaving me in a dizzying, but exquisite excited distress.

Your suave chocolate fingers caressing, tugging and rolling my dusky nipple as I sigh a sigh of contentment.

Your powerful cinnamon trunk thighs stretch behind mine only to curl up closer to me. A true spooning as no air can penetrate to find where you or I begin or end.

Your skin on my skin makes my warm blood rise closer to the surface and it dissipates any coldness lingering near.

The joy of being naked with you is liberating. No pretense or hiding behind some fake garment that’ll highlight “the best” part of me.

Comfortable in my own skin is the best part of me. All of me is mine to enjoy with all of you. Your sweetness enriches me inside and out.

Your sweet spicy scent opens me further.
Being in your arms heightens my desire for your richness.
You are my dessert after every conversation.

To end or begin a day with our mindful bodies connecting is the atmost glorification.
Embraced within your natural sweetness is the taste of life that I don’t want to be without for too long.

Keep me wrapped with your chocolate, sugar caned, Hershey’s kiss, brown sugar, cocoa, cinnamon concoction for all that sweetness keeps me by your side.

23 thoughts on “Embraced by your Natural Sweetness

  1. Raivenne says:

    Umph! Readining this again, Now I’m horngry (horny and hungry).

  2. whimsygizmo says:

    Steamy stuff. 😉
    The phrase “horngry” makes me laugh.

  3. Really love how you used all those words of sweetness… Chocolate is pure aphrodisiac

  4. Mary says:

    Romance! Romance! Romance!
    Valentine’s Day is around the corner…a nice poem for that day for the one loved perhaps?

  5. daisy chain says:

    1) Who knew there were so many ways to describe dark skin? I loved your tasty-creative list of words.

    2) With all the food references, I was totally expecting you to unveil at the end that your sexy lover actually IS food … which makes the first paragraph pretty hilarious. 🙂

  6. Grace says:

    Love chocolates so this made me very hungry ~

  7. ShirleyB says:

    A humungous box of black magic, to be sure!

  8. Sanaa Rizvi says:

    Whoa….!! One heck of a scrumptious write, and yes it tickles me right inside the heart 🙂

  9. So sensual and so much acceptance.

  10. PoeTry of human
    seNsualiTy thE
    dark zone
    most folks
    fail to go..
    i ain’t
    and so glad
    to see no one
    gave you a
    hard time
    butt the
    dark oF iT
    ALL.. iNside..:)

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