Name Poem – Amplewoman day 2 of April

Amicably available to those who need her
Mischievous matriarch of her tribe
Powerfully Plumper than most
Labyrinth of a mind, soul
Explicitly enriched

Wealthy in spirit, friends and family
Oblivious to the Outer trappings of Others, but very Observant of character
Mild Mannered mouth made for orating, osculating and objuration.
Admired for her giving nature
Nice, but Non-apologetic for her being

2 thoughts on “Name Poem – Amplewoman day 2 of April

  1. Raivenne says:

    Excellent Acrostic poem. A wealth of truth held within those lines. I have to admit though, as a wordsmith who enjoys alliteration, I would have so giggled if the mild mannered line had contained orating, osculating and objuration 😀

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