Prescription, So You Don’t Annoy Me – Didactic Poem 7 day of April

Be smart and not condescending
Follow this and a frown will not surface
On my beautiful expressive face

Treat me with kindness and respect
Proceed with caution if you break this law
It shall be flagged as a major flaw

Let your character be fair and helpful
Continue without any type of falsity
So devise your comportment right or I won’t have pity

Regulate your moronic tendency
Maintain a level head or I’ll service you to the quick
Leaving you bare of skin and thought with my tongue so slick

Proposition my mind before you decide to service my body
Sustain a decent conversation or I’ll plot against your demise
Pointing you to the hell on earth that you’ll despise

Method of operation has to be honest, intelligent, and suave
Again advance with caution never be vulgar or crude
Progress with a quick witted banter filled with a tinge of sensuality
Or simply put I’ll be very rude.

A Didactic poem is 3-5 stanzas intended for instruction.
Yes, I had one extra stanza, but I didn’t want to throw it out.

One thought on “Prescription, So You Don’t Annoy Me – Didactic Poem 7 day of April

  1. Raivenne says:

    Good instruction.

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