Push – day 13 of April

You are so quiet in your approach,
but under that quiet exterior reigns a beautiful black panther ready to pounce.

Makes me tingle from head to toe with anticipation and desire,
but the more I feel the reverberation running through me.
It makes me want to push you over the edge till we both go over.

Why wait?
You’ve been circling around
Sniffing the air current
Observing the surrounding area.
Checking to see if I’m available.

What is stoping you? All the signs are there; letting you know I’m ready to be yours.

Push us to Hades or to Heaven
Push me up against a tree or wall
Or let me push you down on the floor or the bed

Stop over thinking it.

Push into my mind to take over my thoughts
Push into my space to allow no one near
Push into me to claim my body and soul

Just Push

February 1, 2012 to

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