Will This Ever Stop – day 18 of April

I remember the night you finger combed my hair,
to try and alleviate the muggy heat.
Had me trembling like a school girl.

I remember walking hand in hand and shuddering at your touch,
but more often just looking in your eyes and melting from within.

Constantly being wet around you,
having to change half way through the day. Constantly feeling my womb quiver from desire,
holding my thighs closed tight until I feel capable of moving.

A most innocent caress on my arm from you produced a gigantic full body orgasm.
I had to stop walking and pretend to tie my shoe as we admire the trees till I regained my composure.

You and you alone do this to me.
So what am I to do?
Am I the new devious fallen angel,
since I am your and my own temptation?

Oh, will I ever stop craving you or your touch?
Will I ever stop wanting your lips and kisses?
Will I ever stop trembling when you are near?
Will I ever stop the feverish desire that brings on a warm deluge?
Will I ever stop this tumultuous need that devours my tranquility?

6/30/2011 – 4/22/2015

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