Start Living – day 22 of April

Time to start living. 

No one will come knocking to hand you a vibrant life. 

Get up and clearly define your wants and desires.

So what do you want?

Do you want me?

How do you want me? 

I can’t settle for a simple friendship.

Simple doesn’t begin to cover it.

The yearning in my soul tells me so and the hidden desire in your eyes is unwavering. 

The burning blaze in our hearts can’t settle for mediocre when a beautiful satisfy relationship is within grasp.

The secret smiles, the games, the artificial conversations have to stop. 

It is time to start living instead letting life pass us by. 

Live so that there aren’t any regrets.
Start loving and living honestly. 

Start living and lay claim to what you really want.

Just start living.

4/3/11 – 4/22/ 2015

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