Start Living – day 22 of April

Time to start living. 

No one will come knocking to hand you a vibrant life. 

Get up and clearly define your wants and desires.

So what do you want?

Do you want me?

How do you want me? 

I can’t settle for a simple friendship.

Simple doesn’t begin to cover it.

The yearning in my soul tells me so and the hidden desire in your eyes is unwavering. 

The burning blaze in our hearts can’t settle for mediocre when a beautiful satisfy relationship is within grasp.

The secret smiles, the games, the artificial conversations have to stop. 

It is time to start living instead letting life pass us by. 

Live so that there aren’t any regrets.
Start loving and living honestly. 

Start living and lay claim to what you really want.

Just start living.

4/3/11 – 4/22/ 2015


The Road To You – day 21 of April

The road to you is challenging
Not a clear shot from A to B
Emotional holes halt the ride
Passionate lines curve the course
That bring us together each time
And separate us from each other
Deep alluring hills and valleys
Keep the venture mysterious

Thanks dverse for the inspiration.
8 lines of 8 syllables in an Enjambambant type poem: the running on of the thought from one line, couplet or stanza to the next without syntactical break.

My Life Line – day 20 of April

Te amo, je t’aime, I love you,
Te quiero, je te veux,  I want you
Te nesecito, j’ ai besoin a vous, I need you

Doesn’t matter the language it is all the same in the end

So stay close to me for you make my heart beat faster.
You are my life line I breath you in to survive.

Spanish,  French,  and English are the languages chosen.

Free to Choose – day 19 of April

I see how hard you are working not to see me or speak with me.
Safety in numbers is the only way you sort of stay nearby.

Don’t think that I’m so busy that I didn’t notice losing my best friend.
I noticed it, but I choose to quietly drown in this sorrow and not fight.

Don’t believe that I don’t know how you look at me when I am not looking,
or how you linger by my building when you think I’m going to enter or leave.
I sense you within a block or two,
but I won’t give you the satisfaction to acknowledge your presence. 

I want to yell, kick, and scream, but all that would not give me you in return.
The hardest thing in the world is to let you go and give you your freedom to choose.

You are free to stay in my life or free to leave, but you can’t have it both ways.

You are free to choose.

Choose quickly and choose wisely.

You are free to choose.

6/30/2011 – 4/23/2015

Will This Ever Stop – day 18 of April

I remember the night you finger combed my hair,
to try and alleviate the muggy heat.
Had me trembling like a school girl.

I remember walking hand in hand and shuddering at your touch,
but more often just looking in your eyes and melting from with.

Constantly being wet around you,
having to change half way through the day. Constantly feeling my womb quiver from desire,
holding my thighs closed tight until I feel capable of moving.

A most innocent caress on my arm from you produced a gigantic full body orgasm.
I had to stop walking and pretend to tie my shoe as we admire the trees till I regained my composure.

You and you alone do this to me.
So what am I to do?
Am I the new devious fallen angel,
since I am your and my own temptation?

Oh, will I ever stop craving you or your touch?
Will I ever stop wanting your lips and kisses?
Will I ever stop trembling when you are near?
Will I ever stop the feverish desire that brings on a warm deluge?
Will I ever stop this tumultuous need that devours my tranquillity?

6/30/2011 – 4/22/2015

I Need Your Strength – day 17 of April

Weakness be gone.
I don’t care for your indecision, for I have my own to worry about.
I refuse to be the evil sorceress who leads you under her spell.
I want your strength to pour over me like smooth warm chocolate to envelope my very being and to give me strong steel like support.
I need to feel it in the depths of my soul.
I need it to strengthen me from within.
I can’t have your weakness drag me down a road of no return.

Your strength makes me aware of the joy around me.
I smile with an assurance that your strength will bring me to find my own strength.
Guide me with your own strong malleable hand and mold me to you.
For I swear that I will respond in kind to all you do.
I will give you ten-fold what you give to me.
I need your strength…

6/30/2011 -4/22/2015

When Will I Stop Thinking of You – day 16 of April

I am tired and want to be free to love someone who will love me back openly.
You don’t think of me, so when will I stop thinking of you?

I have been secretly wanted, but that is not enough.
You don’t think of me, so when will I stop thinking of you?

I have been loved behind closed doors, but that is not satisfying.
You don’t think of me, so when will I stop thinking of you?

I don’t need to have it shouted from the roof tops or put up on a bill board.
You don’t think of me, so when will I stop thinking of you?

I simply need to know you won’t pull away when we hold hands.
You don’t think of me, so when will I stop thinking of you?

I need to know you won’t turn away when some one stares at us.
You don’t think of me, so when will I stop thinking of you?

You won’t hide when they shake their head in our direction.
You don’t think of me, so when will I stop thinking of you?

It just won’t do to be left out in this limbo of doubts.
You don’t think of me, so when will I stop thinking of you?

6/30/2011 – 4/22/2015