Yellow Whatchamacallit

Smooth bright yellow six-sided comfort grip,
Find them on my desk, table, bag or even adorning my glorious mane.

Graphite comfort on my notebook pages as words become phrases,
They glide and stride from my mind unto the smooth receiving paper.

Trust you more than all this modern technology that bogs me down,
Freedom to doodle or explore the next solicitous declaration as I await my muse to flow through me.

Charcoal gray swishes across the pages giving meaning to my thoughts and desires,
Elbowroom I need to script my way to the next unrestrained interpretation.

Flexibility you grant me to change what is produced,
License for the copy righted proof that it was from my own hand and mind I wrote these words.

No longer in school, but it is a part of my entrenched education,
Yes, I could live without it, but nowhere else can mind and fingers come as one to create such thoughtful beauty.

No need for sparkles or pictures to distract me
Just a simple leaded pencil to take me on my next written journey.


Thanks for the challenge dverse.

3 thoughts on “Yellow Whatchamacallit

  1. Ah.. the beauty of graphite lined artful
    words.. yes.. at a bank today.. filling
    some paper work.. out.. far
    beyond retirement years
    of work.. wondering
    if i even can use
    a pencil cursive
    does change it all..
    But a blessing for me
    with Motor Dysgraphia..:)

    If not for a computer over
    10 million words from me
    in close to five years
    will never exist
    and Digital
    Keyboard i
    for now..:)

  2. Sumana Roy says:

    your lines took me far away in time reminding me of their ‘comfort grip’…now i’ve forgotten their use and fingers go on tap tapping all the time…

  3. To dive into the world of a sketchbook is wonderful when you master it.

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