Warning! Severe Storms Ahead! – Dverse Poem

Didn’t want to go to work and now don’t want to leave the ice cooler of the office behind.
The heat is the deterrent, but you are the clear incentive.

Walking along the Hudson River after work in this hot, humid, and hazy afternoon is a delight as is walking hand in hand with you hoping to catch a breeze.
A breeze as sweet and strong as you that lifts the dogged stench from the stale garbage of the city and the sweaty human funk.

The sun hides behind some clouds automatically giving us a reprieve.
As some scurry to leave, you and I rush into each other’s embrace.

The fast-moving clouds darken and advise smart beings to seek cover, but you and I will hide beneath them.
The electrifying roar forcing us closer where there is no telling of where you and I begin or end.

Under this torrential downpour within the confine of your kisses and caresses I’m instantly drenched inside and out.
Can’t breathe is it your lips suffocating me or the rising heat that surrounds us.
Shivering from your heated loving touch or the cool cascading rains down our backs is anyone’s guess.

Along the path of these heavily sodden trees no need to worry about prying eyes.
For this wonderful surge hides our forbidden passion.

Heavy rains that come from above, east and west soaking us to the marrow of our beings.
Blinding anyone who dares to walk with their unprotected eyes, but I don’t need to open my eyes to feel you.

Each pelting force of wind driven drop marks my skin stronger than the sweet graze of your inquiring fingers
Reminders will the welts be of our short-rushed time together as well as the satisfying memory of you all over me.

Another blaring boom muffles our joyous outcries.
As another splinter of light illuminates our joined bodies within the fold of the trees.

These spring and summer quick rains liven our days and keep us in need until the next storm blows through.
And on the occasion we can’t get away to meet it serves as a reminder of the hidden power of the clouds bursting to allow us this time in each other’s arms.

As quickly as the deluge starts it sometimes ends; leaving us breathless and exposed.
Sunshine coming out and rainbows appearing over head as all that is left is drenched bodies and grounds.

Wonderful news when it is reported on the news that a severe storm will hit our area.
For as others scurry to find shelter from its power; you and I seek its strength to hide from all and rush to embrace each other.

Dverse Poem

8 thoughts on “Warning! Severe Storms Ahead! – Dverse Poem

  1. Ah.. yes.. embrace storm’s life full-head-on.. thunder.. lightening.. living.. knowing.. feeling.. peace and passion.. Life fully alive.. Monsoon floods.. sprinkles.. emotion and senses.. heat and cool.. Love’s all ways..:)

  2. Dorianna says:

    love in a rain storm..passion unfurled with the fury of the storm..lovely

  3. There is a closeness that we seek during a storm.. I get an image of animals huddling together.. Seeking company and sparks of passion.

  4. kelvin s.m. says:

    I like the comparison you produced here. Also, I like the positive vibe your entire piece gave to me. I so enjoyed your very reflective poem, thank you!

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