Life’s Storm – Dverse poem

Gentle sprinkles fall upon my face
as I try to out walk the pain you caused.

Displeasure in every step carry me away from your brand of torturous love.

Shaking in disbelief, but glad the cloudburst is getting heavier and able to hide the streaks of hurt running down my face.

The deluge cleanses my body as my tears heal my broken soul and mend my thoughts.

The splattering splash gives my ears something to concentrate on instead of relieving your last hurtful words.

The sun begins to break through the continued showers reminding me that the sun always comes out to brighten our days and I choose to shine like the sun even through the painful storm of life.

With or without you I’ll rise like the sun and spread warmth to those that turn up their face to feel its warm kiss.

Dverse Poem

5 thoughts on “Life’s Storm – Dverse poem

  1. I like the thought of that sun breaking through at the end…

  2. Ah.. the light and rain of love lives on through the worst of storms of darkness.. rainbow of humanity shines through.. in greaTEST of
    Monsoon LOVE..:)

  3. Abhra says:

    Thank you for joining my prompt. I think I am visiting your blog for the first time. I absolutely loved your piece – calm and heart warming.

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