Waves – dVerse Nature challenge

Soft morning waves greet my meditative gaze.

The sea churning out the rough rip roaring waves from last night storm no longer visible like that which bonded us together no longer exist.

No angry sky flashing dagger lights like that of my eyes as you ripped my heart into matching shards.

No murky froth crashing on the dark heavy sands like that of the twisted words that tried to break my spirit.

No oppressive heat making it unbearable to breathe like that of your cold manipulative hold that tried to control my freedom.

A new day wrought with peaceful tranquil waters like that of my soul seeking a deep calm as the cool ocean’s blue lap at my feet.

Reminding me I can survive any storm and will live in peace without your darkness, surrounded by purifying waves that bring in fresh beginnings and take away all that is stale.


Thanks for the challenge dVerse.

Mami’s Ride to Freedom – dVerse Train challenge

Long gone are the days of a 15 cent train ride.

This cobblestone island being shaped by steel and concrete rolled her away from her beloved Caribbean island with every next stop.

Rumbling from one section of the city to another in a matter of minutes.

Instead of days spent on foot, a donkey or a horse drawn carriage crossing hills and valleys to see family or to go work for one.

The excitement and fear of a new destination or the different languages spoken above the roar.

That contraption quickly making sure she got to work on time despite the heat or the overcrowdedness.

Steel green churning monster with basket woven seats that could snag your stockings helped her ride from the poverty stricken life she left behind.

With each opening and closing of those doors and the reverberated movement of those cars she carried herself and her family to another level of a dream.

Life of a Woman – dVerse anniversary

Written for dVerse 4th anniversary. My chosen words were: 3 word that describe me love, ample, woman & 3 words that describe what I’m grateful for mother, children, life.


The life I’ve been granted as a woman is ample and solid as the land I live upon.

Ample as I am, many bonds hold me dear that of a child, care giver, parent or friend many a hat wear I as a woman.

Love is what keeps me rising and embracing the highs and lows that lay before every step.

Mother is beautiful, strong and kind and she has been gracious enough to pass those tributes down to the next generations.

Ah all the children that I did not birth, but that I guide and love with the ampleness of my heart and mind, but still carry them on the ample span of my hips.

Woman never bow your head in shame for you are strong, beautiful, kind and give life at every turn with a kiss on a brow, a meal on the fly or a table, a hug or even as simple as a kind or stern look.

Woman am I that must be creative in life to move forward through the daily tides to rise above all and show those who come behind me to shine as bright as a diamond in the sky.

Thanks for the challenge dVerse