Move with me – dVerse Dickinson challenge

Dare I ask – Yes.
Will you take my hand?
To sway and quiver – in each others Arms.

No Victrola needed –
just our romping Hearts.
Slow breaths turn to frolicking puffs.

Spin me out – cradle me.
Blaze our Masqueraded vibrating souls –
and Move with me.

Thanks for the challenge dVerse, I tried.

6 thoughts on “Move with me – dVerse Dickinson challenge

  1. Ah.. yes the inherent gift..
    no technology required..
    just a hand.. a step
    a move..
    an embrace
    of human
    and don’t

  2. Glad you shared,! Though it’s not common meter, it still uses some of Emily’s technique and flows like a waltz. I enjoyed it.

  3. Blaze our Masqueraded vibrating souls… love the fire in that line. You tried and def succeeded!

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