I Miss You


I miss your hands enveloping mine.
I miss your arm wrapping me in your warmth.
I miss your gaze filled with understanding and love.
I miss your words of encouragement, guidance, wisdom and kindness.
I miss your ears that listened without judgement.
I miss walking around and exploring our surroundings.
I miss visiting with you and learning about your youth filled days spent working the fields.
I miss you telling and showing me how men are supposed to act.
I miss your blessings.

I wish my wish would come true to spend some more time with you and record it so that I can show the following generation how they should live and love.

Gracias Papabuelo.

In the picture with my 60 something year old grandpa. He was feeding me at my 2nd birthday party. He lived to the ripe old age of 98.

7 thoughts on “I Miss You

  1. The elders
    we want
    will be
    the elders
    we are
    if we do

  2. Raivenne says:

    I love this, and the picture seals it.

  3. Mary says:

    Oh, I think we so often continue to miss those who cared for us as children. This is a beautiful tribute to your grandfather. Living to 98 is no small accomplishment. Smiles.

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