Alone Together, but his cold wet kiss left nothing in its wake.

It Never Entered My Mind that sparks would not fly, just two warm less lips meeting mine saying nothing sweet or meaningful.

Left me cold like the saxophone in John Coltrane’s Polka Dots And Moonbeans.

Didn’t electrify me like Miles Davis’ Summertime.

It could become a frosty habit if I see him again, but your long gone kisses are a warmth trapped permanently cause I’ve Got You Under My Skin.

Angel Eyes let me Dream a Little Dream with you for it leaves me In A Sentimental Mood.

That It Might As Well Be Spring making me shiver coming out of winters thaw.

I want to live like Chris Botti’s La Belle Dame Sans Regrets for loving and kissing you were not wrong.

Stormy Weather did not deter your warm erotic kisses to light me up from the inside out.

The Nearness Of You kept me warm on the coldest of nights when you went away.

What Is There To Say after being loved by you it was S’Wonderful.

Yes, it is true and it is most unfair that I’ve Got A Crush On You and no one else will do.

The Very Thought Of You will keep me going until the kiss of the next Blue Moon, So Let’s Face The Music And Dance into eternity for When I Fall in Love again it will be forever.

Jazzy kisses are the best.
Kiss me for as long as all these play.
Let your jazzy lips rest on mine forever.

This poem is courtesy of PANDORA’s Dinner Jazz Radio Station anything in Bold Title Capital Letters is a titled song. So go relax with some great music.

14 thoughts on “Jazzy

  1. rosross says:

    It is clever. Well done.

  2. Using jazz as a vehicle is brilliant.

  3. It’s all a kind of blue in birdland.

  4. MarinaSofia says:

    These Foolish Things … are a lovely bit of fun, and sound so plausible and delightful in your clever hands!

  5. What an amazing now we have
    to be a poet alive.. with endless
    inspiration of prompts in
    a Universe
    of World
    culture at our
    fingertips always
    now.. where one human
    can live a thousand vicarious
    lifetimes in one life..
    a multi-universe
    of human
    and the art
    of that is an experiment
    never written or sung before..
    No limits.. No expectations.. UP..:)

  6. I like Jazz and love what you did with this. This is a great idea–playing poetry with song titles.

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