You are beautiful

You are a beautiful delicious man.

Your smooth sexy bald head makes me grip my hands at my back so as not to give into temptation and stroke you.
Your long thick black lashes that shield your eyes make my knees weak.
Your dark mocha brown eyes pierce me to the root of my soul.

You are a beautiful dream come true.

Your velvety voice washes over me leaving me thrilled like no other.
Your lavish lips move luxuriously as you speak.
Your smile radiates without guile and wraps me in its warmth.

You are a beautiful desire.

The back of your neck calls to be caressed by my attentive fingers.
The side of your neck begs for my lips to slide up, down and occasionally claim you with a bite.
The front of your neck begs my tongue to stroke it from the top of your chest to the bottom of your chin and delicately suck on your Adam’s apple as well as your pulse points.

You are a beautiful reality.

You are a beautiful man and I just wanted to let you know.
No, I don’t want anything just needed to let you know.
So, that I can let you go on your way with a spring in your step.

You are a beautiful gift to mankind.

The beauty of your soul only elevates your physical beauty.
You are what dreams are made of and turn into reality when you walk into a room.
You are what I desire for a companion, friend or mate.

Yes, you are a beautiful man.
You are beautiful.