Stolen Innocence

Stolen Innocence

What makes a human being take or steal from another?
Leaving a gaping black hole in another being.
Never to be fully whole again.

What right was granted to you?
To remove someone’s self worth?
How do you live with the memory of ruining another human being?

Or was that the ticket; you didn’t think of them as a human being?
Perhaps you weren’t taught to value life, dignity or to have self respect.
Two monsters is all I see.

You saw a weakness and attacked without mercy or consequence.
You made the choice about you and not them.
You momentarily took their dignity.
You took advantage of their unconsciousness.
You ripped into their body, mind, heart and soul.

How do you walk around as the cream of the crop?
Yes, your outer package is pretty to all who see you,
but inside you are the ugliest of beings.

Karma will get you lovely anyone who uses and abuses another being,
for their own pleasure experience or whatever else.
You want to justify yourself and say it was about love, but I’m sure you will meet your demise in just the same way or worst.

You thought you won something that night,
but in the end you will never be able to see any real beauty,
for you have violated yourself with the foulest of dung and have lost your worth as a human being.

To call you an animal would be an insult to those magnificent creatures,
for you are even lower than that.
If ever there was a face that matched a stolen innocence it would be you.