Reset – dVerse poem



My exhaustion poured out of the decorated cup

laid me bare for all to see the real me.


No covers, no mask, just the purity of me.

Straight from the cup-

strong despite the tiredness in my soul-

honest despite the dark toxicity of the world around me.


Poured forth on the greens of the earth to rejuvenate me

breathing the freshness of my youth through the greens of the land;

a flower blooms above my ear as proof of the process of rebirth.


Let me lie still to repair all aches and awaken refreshed

to start again on another day.

Give me solace on the break of dawn

to rise again renewed yet revolutionized to face all that comes my way.


Image by artist Catrin Welz-Stein, featured at 


Rehacer – poema dVerse

Mi cansancio se derramó de la taza decorada.

Dejándome al descubierto para que todos vieran mi verdadero ser.


Sin ocultarme, sin antifaz, solo mí pureza.

Directamente de la taza

Firme a pesar del cansancio en mi alma.

Honesta a pesar de la oscuridad toxica del mundo en mí alrededor.


Desparramada sobre el pasto de la tierra para rejuvenecerme.

respirando la frescura de mi juventud a través del pasto de la tierra;

una flor florece sobre mi oreja como prueba del proceso de renacimiento.


Déjenme quedarme quieta para reparar todos los dolores y despertar refrescada.

para empezar de nuevo en otro día.

Dame consuelo en el amanecer

para renacer nuevamente, pero con rebeldía para enfrentar todo lo que se me presente.


Escribir un poema basado en la imagen presentada arriba.

Imagen de la artista Catrin Welz-Stein, presentada en

19 thoughts on “Reset – dVerse poem

  1. Alkisa says:

    I read it three times every time I got something new! Loved it!

  2. amplewoman says:

    Yes, this is Lyn. Thanks for looking into it

  3. lillian says:

    Love this interpretation of the image. Especially the idea of writing as the one IN the image! Most especially like the idea of these lines
    “Give me solace on the break of dawn
    to rise again renewed yet revolutionized to face all that comes my way.”
    I realize you probably don’t mean this to be a literal read, but for me, when I have that first cup of coffee, this is how I feel: rejuvenated to start the day! 🙂 It’s my elixir and my way of making coffee is with a glass chemex pot…so it’s almost a ritual each morning: boil the water, put paper filter into chemex pot; pour a bit of water into filter to wet it, then dump water out; put 2 scoops fresh ground coffee into filter; pour now boiling water from electric kettle into a glass measuring cup to exactly the 2 cup line; pour just enough of that 2 cups into the filter to wet all the grounds then count one-thousand-one, one-thousand-two etc to 30 seconds to let the coffee grounds breathe (as I bend over and smell that delicious aroma); then slowly, slowly, pour in the remainder of the 2 cups, in a counterclockwise fashion; then pour and enjoy and be rejuvenated! And this is when I do my writing and reading too! HAH! Bet you didn’t expect that long of a response to your post! But for me, it is the “pouring out of the cup” and imbibing in the new day! I think that’s the mark of a good writer, that the reader reads, connects, and makes the leap into something in their own psyche. You’ve sure done that! 🙂
    Happy Wednesday!

  4. Truedessa says:

    This was a refreshing read as I sip my morning tea. I felt the weariness of life/winter the need to bare ones soul to feel renewed in spring. Your words are uplifting and a reminder that tomorrow brings new hope.

  5. I love “Straight from the cup” That’s how to take me, too

    • amplewoman says:

      Thank you. Some people can’t handle those of us who are ‘straight from the cup’, but I like it that way and others who are like minded. No hiding behind shadows…

  6. Glenn Buttkus says:

    You found a perfect way to rock the prompt & compliment the art. I agree to inject the author into the piece is a nice touch; strong message that does not deny the chaotic state of the world, but offers hope and a modus for each of us; smile

  7. This is lovely… I can really feel the author in the image and the poem…

  8. Frank Hubeny says:

    I like this line “a flower blooms above my ear as proof of the process of rebirth.”

  9. The beginning is tender, the ending has an energy about it that makes one believe in all will turn out in the end.

  10. Singledust says:

    you created a transparency of images, of a journey, of a space that needs time for healing and discovery.

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