Calm Waters / Aguas Calmante

Short 8 second video and picture taken at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden Sunday, April 28, 2019.

First click on the link to hear some gentle water. Breathe… Exhale… Breathe in deeper… Exhale all the injuries; let the water take it away…Breathe in and allow fresh thoughts to guide your step. or

Smooth flat or round jagged stones making me take stock of my heavy tired footsteps.

Peace of mind is sought as I walk over each stone along the shoreline.

Continuous running calm waters call me deeper into mother earth’s pool.

I tread in closer pacifying my agitated gait; breathe as the cool waters rise inch by inch on my body dousing the hurt and anger.

Allowing the gentle current to wash away the exhaustion and negative film off my being.

Clear liquid that is as black as night when the sun goes down hushes the constant chatter that says nothing, but attempts to crush my thoughts.

Submerge my body and spirit in tranquil waters to hear the roar of silence to center and quiet my presence.

Serenity is needed to flush out the naysayers from my mind.

Listen to the moving waters and breathe a soothing sigh.

Fresh water drench and fill my strides with new life after I emerge from this nightfall’s plunge.

Calm waters ignite my inner fire and refresh my essence to rebirth me another day.

dVerse Challenge to write a poem about water.

Primero haga clic en la conexión para escuchar un poco de agua mansa. Respira … Exhala … Inhala más profundo … Exhala todas las lesiones; Deje que el agua se lo lleve … Inhale y permita que pensamientos frescos guíen sus pasos. or

Piedras apuntadas, lisas, planas o redondas, que me hacen enmendar mis pasos pesados y cansados.

Se busca tranquilidad mientras camino sobre cada piedra a lo largo de la costa.

La corriente de las aguas tranquilas me llaman más profundo en la represa de la madre tierra.

Pisé más cerca pacificando mi marcha agitada; respiré mientras las aguas frías se elevan pulgada a pulgada en mi cuerpo, apagando el dolor y la ira.

Permitir que la corriente suave elimine el agotamiento y la capa negativa de mi ser.

Un líquido claro que es tan negro como la noche cuando cae el sol silencia la charla constante que no dice nada, pero intenta aplastar mis pensamientos.

Sumergir mi cuerpo y espíritu en aguas tranquilas para escuchar el rugido del silencio para centrar y aquietar mi presencia.

Se necesita serenidad para eliminar a los maldicientes de mi mente.

Escucha las aguas en movimiento y respira un suspiro calmante.

El agua dulce empapa y llena mis pasos con una nueva vida después de salir del hundimiento de esta noche.

Las aguas tranquilas encienden mi fuego interior y refrescan mi esencia para renacerme otro día.

El desafio de escribir un poema sobre el Agua de dverse.

14 thoughts on “Calm Waters / Aguas Calmante

  1. Raivenne says:

    “Submerge my body and spirit in tranquil waters to hear the roar of silence to center and quiet my presence.”

    Love that line!

  2. Alkisa says:

    You did it again! Loved it! Loved loved it!

  3. sanaarizvi says:

    I absolutely adore this especially; “Serenity is needed to flush out the naysayers from my mind.” 🙂

  4. Beverly Crawford says:

    There is no sound more calming than that of water tumbling over a rocky stream bed. Your words are mesmerizing.

  5. A masterpiece, Lyn. I’m actually curious – which language do you feel expresses your feelings and impressions best?


  6. kim881 says:

    I love the sound of water, Lyn, and could hear it throughout your poem, trickling over the stones and into mother earth’s pool. I like that it’s written from a very personal perspective, that makes it very intimate, as if I’m there with you.

  7. Raivenne says:

    I copied the exact same lines only to discover I had already pasted them. Clearly I do love those lines.

  8. robtkistner says:

    Excellent post for this April 1st. Be nobody’s fool Lyn.

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