Don’t Be Selfish

You are burning from the inside and turning to ash leaving dust in your demise.

Keep your distance, don’t contaminate me, allow me to stand tall and untouched by your burning embers.

Let me live more than one life.

Cherish the Good Parts

Strongly determined to hang on despite your poisonous kiss.

Although injected with your murderous passion there is still some good in me to be useful instead of devious or hurtful.

Cut away what has rotted our core, so we can still nourish and cultivate with the goodness that remains.

Rise above what is dead inside

Duplicitous Appearances

Another disappearance of the sun to remove the stale deception of the mendacity of this day.

The daily show of entertainment to keep those who surround me content within the bubble of decaying falsehoods..

Tears spring forth to wash out the fatigue and refresh my soul.

As the dawn awakens the day I must decide to be true or put the showpiece back on to tread lightly upon another day careful not to offend anyone’s delicate sensibilities with my reality.

Is today the day to bring out the truth?