No Contract Needed

The arduous taste of your mouth on mine has not evaporated into the abstracted carelessness of days gone by.  

Take a moment to capture your breath, rest your firm body on mine and let me feel all of you on me.  

Your roughness consumes my softness as your warm breath cools my skin and raises my want of you.  

Drench my soul with every pass of your lips.  

Your hands settle and startle me with every brush across my body. 

The desire you inspire is unspeakable; it evokes a deep cavernous hunger within.  

Fill me with all you have to give don’t hold back; advance the discovery of this uncharted path.  

You have free reign over the lay of my body.  

Let this fierce leisure bloodlust arise between you and I.  

Savor the gentle robust yearning with your wicked tongue.  

Embrace this awakening, as you do me, without shame or self-reproach.  

Enjoy the gradual explosion that is created with every stroking caress.  

Seize the moment to intensify your desire to another unselfish level, but do not hide from the unleashed pulse.  

No contract is needed for you to take and give joyful pleasure.  

No contract is needed.

2 thoughts on “No Contract Needed

  1. Raivenne says:

    Whew! This was fire as the kids say. Well done!

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