Live Your Garden / Vive Tu Jardín

dVerse challenge from Claudia to write a poem using the word Garden. Poem is after the pictures. / Desafío para dVerse de parte de Claudia: Escribe un poema usando la palabra JARDIN. El poem esta despues de las fotos.


Music to inspire found in YouTube. Pictures taken at Brooklyn Botanical Garden, Central Park, Fort Tryon Park, Inwood Hill Park, and Sherman Creek in NYC. / Música para inspirar encontrada en YouTube.    Fotos tomadas por mí en Jardín Botánico de Brooklyn, En el Parque Central, El Parque de Fort Tryon, El Parque de Inwood Hill y Sherman Creek en Nueva York.


Open the door to walk about my garden.

Oh, wait this street in NYC is not a garden

I exit the building, make a left or a right and breathe in this concrete jungle as many call it.

Nod my head in acknowledgement of another passing robotic soul, but I don’t stop to help replenish their lifeless simulation.

Everyone must make their own effort to breathe and live.

Picking the destination is easy; do I cross the street, go up the hill or take the train to enjoy the serenity in the city that never sleeps.

Rural and suburban dwellers concentrate on the noises of the loud energetic people, or all the wheels turning and breaking, or the horns and sirens that hide the silence.

I put on my headset and block it out with some Jazz, or Caribbean dance beats to either help sooth my soul or energize my gait.

I know of a few hidden gems to lose myself in; to grow my spirit and harvest my peace of mind.

At the end of this stroll the decay of the day, week or month just falls away.

Giving way to my refreshed soul, mind, and body.

NYC is the garden that allows me to grow my spirit and harvest fresh ideas and gives me respite to remove all the decaying thoughts that don’t permit me to move forward and flourish.

Garden where you live and live your garden.


Abrir la puerta para caminar por mi jardín.

O, espera, esta calle en la ciudad Nueva York no es un jardín

Salgo del edificio, giro a la izquierda o a la derecha y respiro esta jungla de pavimento como muchos la llaman.

Asiento con la cabeza en reconocimiento a otra alma robótica que pasa, pero no me detengo para ayudar a reponer su simulación sin vida.

Todos deben hacer su propio esfuerzo para respirar y vivir.

Elegir el destino es fácil; ¿Cruzo la calle, subo el cerro o tomo el tren para disfrutar de la serenidad en la ciudad que nunca duerme?

Los habitantes de las zonas rurales y suburbanas se concentran en los ruidos de la gente escandalosa y enérgica, o en todas las ruedas que giran y frenan, o en las bocinas y sirenas que ocultan el silencio.

Me pongo los auriculares / audífonos y los bloqueo con un poco de Jazz o ritmos de baile caribeño para ayudar a calmar mi alma o energizar mi marchar.

Conozco algunas joyas ocultas en las que me puedo perder, que hacen crecer mi espíritu y cosechar mi paz mental.

Al final de este paseo, el decaimiento del día, la semana o el mes simplemente desaparece.

Dar paso a mi alma, mente y cuerpo renovados.

La ciudad de Nueva York es el jardín que me permite hacer crecer mi espíritu y cosechar nuevas ideas y me da un respiro para eliminar todos los pensamientos en descomposición que no me permiten avanzar y florecer.

Apodar el jardín en donde vives y vive tu jardín.

Juked Heart / Corazón Engaitado

  • Happy 10th Anniversary, dVerse!
  • Thank you, for hosting this round, Brian.
  • dVerse challenge write a Quadrille Poem 44 words not counting the title using the word Juke.

The slow devouring kisses you gave

are recalled as bitter sweet.

If you had been honest,

maybe I would have played along.

Instead you juked my heart

into loving and caring for you.

There is no need to use one

to get the other.

. Juke (/jo͞ok/) verb. – 1.) dance, particularly to a juke box  2.) to make a move to deceive (an opponent)  3. to fake out of position 4.) to bend in a supple way 5.) to bend the neck; to bow or duck the head. Juke noun. – 1. a small roadside establishment that plays music and provides refreshments (Also known as a juke joint) 2. a feint It’s got a few slang meanings as well… Juke verb. – 1. to steal something  2. to stab someone Juke adjective. 1. (Creole) wicked; or disorderly ./. Corazón Engaitado ¡Feliz décimo aniversario, dVerse! Gracias por ser el anfitrión de esta ronda, Brian. Desafío dVerse escribir un Poema Cuadrilla 44 palabras sin contar el título usando la palabra, Juke o Engaitar .

Los lentos besos devoradores que diste

se recuerdan ahora como agridulces.

Si hubieras sido sincero

tal vez hubiera seguido el juego tuyo.

En lugar de eso, engaitaste mi corazón

en amarte y cuidarte.

No es necesario utilizar a una persona

para conseguir a otra.

. Juke (/ jo͞ok /) verbo. – 1.) Bailar, en particular con una máquina de discos 2.) Hacer un movimiento para engañar (a un oponente) 3. Engaitar o fingir fuera de posición 4.) Doblar de manera flexible 5.) Doblar el cuello; inclinar o agachar la cabeza. Juke sustantivo. – 1. un pequeño establecimiento en la carretera que toca música y ofrece refrigerios (también conocido como juke joint) 2. una finta También tiene algunos significados de jerga … Juke verbo. – 1. robar algo 2. apuñalar a alguien Juke adjetivo. 1. (criollo) malvado; o desordenado

Follow Our Own Path

Stars illuminate our path

They’re as different as you and I, but they peacefully co-exist.

Your tiny agile body vs my big steady one quietly wading down life’s river

Sparkling stars reflecting over us n the water

Show us the way.

Image by artist Catrin Welz-Stein, featured at

dVerse Challenge Feb. 2018 to write a poem using the provided art pieces.

Know I Will Not Break

Another cold shiver vibrates through my forsaken frame; know I will not break.  

Your hands keep me untethered and detonates the apex of me even if it is only for a short while; know I will not break.  

Awaiting a strong embrace to calm me from within to settle my racing heart and ignite the blaze of my pounding core; know I will not break.  

When you reach around me and bring me closer to you surrounding me with your intensified heat; know I will not break.  

You blanket my frame till the blazing warmth permeates my core; know I will not break.  

Do not be frightened to hold firm and leave your mark on me; know I will not break.  

Allow your fiery embrace to melt the frigid chips that formed a wall of ice around me; know I will not break.  

Sustain my breast in your hands press them further into me inciting more sparks along the fiery trail you create; know I will not break.  

Permit me to feel the whole of you surround me to enter deeply; know I will not break.  

The more I feel you, the stronger the experience is felt; know I will not break.  

I am not a fragile butterfly that is unable to support your burning desire or strength; know I will not break.  

I am more like the worker ant able to bear 10x my size; know I will not break.  

Knowing that I will be submerged in all your glorious thick warmth set off more mini explosions; know I will not break.  

Show me you want to emblazon all of me otherwise a cold cool breeze will carry your words away, but your touch, your touch cannot be erased or forgotten; know I will not break.  

Know I will not break, but you and I can break and erupt like a volcano, if we just keep rising to explore the peaks and valleys till, we melt in our own heated pool.  

Make the stars burst behind our eyes with a flick of a savage thrust.  

Thrust, paddle, and cuff me with your intense desire.  

Hear the rapid moans you cause with your searing attention.  

Keep a hold on me to accelerate the internal shivering that is caused by your unselfish attention.  

Let me feel phantom caresses when I am away from you, so that I will return to replicate another heavy dose of our reality. 

Know I will not break, but I will erupt with you and for you. 

Know, I will not break.  

DVerse Challenge to write a Chant poem. Unknowingly I wrote a few days before the prompt was given, but I think it fits for the challenge.

Happy 10th Anniversary dVerse. Thanks for hosting Bjorn.

No Contract Needed

The arduous taste of your mouth on mine has not evaporated into the abstracted carelessness of days gone by.  

Take a moment to capture your breath, rest your firm body on mine and let me feel all of you on me.  

Your roughness consumes my softness as your warm breath cools my skin and raises my want of you.  

Drench my soul with every pass of your lips.  

Your hands settle and startle me with every brush across my body. 

The desire you inspire is unspeakable; it evokes a deep cavernous hunger within.  

Fill me with all you have to give don’t hold back; advance the discovery of this uncharted path.  

You have free reign over the lay of my body.  

Let this fierce leisure bloodlust arise between you and I.  

Savor the gentle robust yearning with your wicked tongue.  

Embrace this awakening, as you do me, without shame or self-reproach.  

Enjoy the gradual explosion that is created with every stroking caress.  

Seize the moment to intensify your desire to another unselfish level, but do not hide from the unleashed pulse.  

No contract is needed for you to take and give joyful pleasure.  

No contract is needed.

Don’t Be Selfish

You are burning from the inside and turning to ash leaving dust in your demise.

Keep your distance, don’t contaminate me, allow me to stand tall and untouched by your burning embers.

Let me live more than one life.

Cherish the Good Parts

Strongly determined to hang on despite your poisonous kiss.

Although injected with your murderous passion there is still some good in me to be useful instead of devious or hurtful.

Cut away what has rotted our core, so we can still nourish and cultivate with the goodness that remains.

Rise above what is dead inside

Duplicitous Appearances

Another disappearance of the sun to remove the stale deception of the mendacity of this day.

The daily show of entertainment to keep those who surround me content within the bubble of decaying falsehoods..

Tears spring forth to wash out the fatigue and refresh my soul.

As the dawn awakens the day I must decide to be true or put the showpiece back on to tread lightly upon another day careful not to offend anyone’s delicate sensibilities with my reality.

Is today the day to bring out the truth?

Moonlight Fill My Soul

My exhausted vessel can not continue on its journey

A drowsy murmur tries in vain to awaken my depleted soul

A walk along the riverbank with the snow moon guiding my steps fill me with renewed wonder

Energizing my steps to forge another day



dVerse Challenge Write a Quadrille poem 44 words using the word FILL. The title does not count.

Silence Is Not An Option

Face the repugnant sinister minds of harmful iniquity; don’t sweep it away.

Don’t allow such monstrous viciousness to further damage our surroundings.

“The Rock cries out to us today, You may stand upon me, But do not hide your face.”

Speak, yell, interrupt and revolt, but don’t give way to this blemish that will tarnish the soul of the universe.

The return to that which once existed will be unavailable; if all don’t stand upon the rock and use its fortitude to endure the impending chaos.

Use its unreasoning strength to break the incoming wave of annilation; not just for the rich or poor, thin or thick, healthy or sick, but for all breathing beings.

Silence is as detrimental and strong as the water that takes eons to mold any rock.

Children of the universe be upright secure impenetrable rocks, rail against all wrongs.

 A dVerse Challenge to write a 144 prose using the line from the 1993 Clinton inauguration poem from Maya Angelo.

 The Rock cries out to us today, You may stand upon me, But do not hide your face.

Maya Angelou, “On the Pulse of Morning” (excerpt) from On the Pulse of Morning. Copyright © 1993 by Maya Angelou. Used by permission of Random House, an imprint and division of Penguin Random House LLC. All rights reserved.
Source: The Complete Collected Poems of Maya Angelou (Random House Inc., 1994)