Cool Rising Heat – day 24 of April

Fresh from the shower trying to remain cool
Each cool droplet begins to heat up with the rise of my body temperature
No towel to conceal or to absorb the rolling droplets off of me
But I see your eyes devouring each trickle of moisture

Imagine your tongue licking me dry as you leave me wet
Tenderly smooth is my skin as the air dries the excess moisture
Supple under the guidance of your fingers mold-able like clay
I bend where ever you want me to bend

I’m at home with your mouth caressing me
Oh, to have you under or over me creates a great delightful movement
Can you feel the Caribbean beat within my hips
as they sway to the rhythm of your fingers
Fill me, rock me to and fro to impose your primal dominance

Oh, what a waste of a shower; cool water mixes with rising perspiring heat
It’s so hot I contemplate cutting my hair off to keep it off my nape
But the thought of your fingers running through it
To restrain me is enough to wipe the idea off my slate

Oh, such strong magical fingers; I am yours to command at the moment
But no touch is needed for you to master me
All you have to do is pierce me with your eyes
And I become a quivering pool at the ready to fall off the precipice

The flood gates open as your fingers continue to weave a blazing trail
From my head to my feet rows of flames like in an orchard or vineyard set on fire
Running north to south and east to west across the hills and valleys of my body

Oh, what a waste of a shower as the cool rising heat takes over
Never has it been so good this cool rising heat

6/28/2006 – 4/26/2015

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