I Need Your Strength – day 17 of April

Weakness be gone.
I don’t care for your indecision, for I have my own to worry about.
I refuse to be the evil sorceress who leads you under her spell.
I want your strength to pour over me like smooth warm chocolate to envelope my very being and to give me strong steel like support.
I need to feel it in the depths of my soul.
I need it to strengthen me from within.
I can’t have your weakness drag me down a road of no return.

Your strength makes me aware of the joy around me.
I smile with an assurance that your strength will bring me to find my own strength.
Guide me with your own strong malleable hand and mold me to you.
For I swear that I will respond in kind to all you do.
I will give you ten-fold what you give to me.
I need your strength…

6/30/2011 -4/22/2015

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