Haibun – dVerse Challenge

Based on the painting:
The View of the Church of Saint Paul de Mausole

by Vincent van Gogh

Oh what a view on this Sunday morn from my sister’s bedroom window.
Kateri’s glow is intensified by the early morning sun. Her radiant beauty matches the golden wheat fields.
Her something borrowed is as blue as the roof of the church where she will meet her soon to be spouse.
Nana hangs the brooch delicately from the same silken ribbon from when she wed pop-pop and when Mami wed daddy.
Simple, strong and sweet just like them.
Though she loves him she paces; her nerves are rising and rolling like the hills outside her bedroom window.
Will she be as kind and patient like Mami and nana?
Will she be as strong and loving like daddy and pop-pop?
She will be all those things and more as she recites her vows again, so she won’t stumble in front of the celebrant who has known us since birth.
For today was a golden day to promise to love her best friend forever and a day or to Pluto and back.

She’d rather run it
Than walk to make her vow
Under the gold sunlight.

The 3rd Haibun Monday is the monthly dVerse challenge at the Poet’s Pub.

9 thoughts on “Haibun – dVerse Challenge

  1. Church of marriage
    Church of Love..
    Church of wedding
    Love’s a Church

    No one’s

  2. Grace says:

    What a lovely and special day to get married to your best friend ~ May it be a magical run as she makes her vow ~

    Thanks for joining our Haibun Monday ~ It would be nice to see you visiting a few poets also writing for the same challenge ~ Have a good week ~

  3. The colors and the gold is so entwined with such a wov.

  4. Snakypoet (Rosemary Nissen-Wade) says:

    Lovely … and the closing verse is so delightful, I want to run with her!

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